Step one: To purchase a print please go to the "Galleries" page and select what category you are interested in browsing (Owls, foxes, birds, bears, etc...)

Step two: Use the shopping cart icon to add the particular image you are interested in your cart.

Step three: Proceed to sizes, choose the desired size you would like.  

Step four: You can select what type of paper you want (I suggest lustre, it's the more classic paper used for prints, it has a matte finish) Metalic and glossy are also available.

Step five: You have a cropping option before you add a print to cart. Use the cropping function to make sure none of the image has been cut out with the size you chose. But I recommend not purposely cropping any closer in than needed, it could reduce the quality of the print significantly. 

Step six:  Add the print to your cart when satisfied with the crop positioning, and you're good to go! 

If you have any specific questions or needs feel free to contact me directly:

Email: IzzyGEdwards@gmail.com

Phone/Text: (425) 289-6794

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