Step one: To purchase a print or keepsake please go to the "Galleries" page and select what category you are interested in browsing (Owls, foxes, birds, bears, etc...)

Step two: Use the shopping cart icon to add the particular image you are interested in, to your cart.

Step three: Choose what you wish to buy; from standard prints to high-end art papers, acrylic and metal prints to canvas, to mugs and ornaments, and more.  They even offer prints on wood!  BayPhoto out of SanFrancisco, known worldwide for their quality, does the printing and shipping. 

Step four: For prints, you'll choose your desired size next and see a list of pricing.  Prices vary based on the size and medium you are having the image printed on. 

Step five: Some products such as standard prints and metal give you a choice of finish (such as matt, luster, glossy, metallic, etc.)  Other products like fine art papers and canvas will not present you with further options.      

Step six:  Images and print sizes won't always have the same aspect ratio and you may need to crop an image to fit your choice.  This is the last step before putting the product in your cart. Some adjustments or a different size print may be necessary depending on each specific image. I recommend not purposely cropping in closer (to enlarge the subject for example) as this could reduce the quality of the print significantly. 

Step seven:  Add the print to your cart when satisfied with the crop positioning, and you're good to go! 

If you have any specific questions or needs feel free to contact me directly:

Email: IzzyGEdwards@gmail.com

Phone/Text: (425) 537-0807

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